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Interview for Samsung SIRC

Photo by Chloé Flam

Samsung’s Israeli R&D Center recently interviewed me to discuss my role as manager of the Algorithms Infrastructures team.

The edited interview was published on Samsung SIRC’s LinkedIn, and in hebrew on its Facebook page, embedded below.

How do you and the team assist in the company’s product development efforts?

My team’s purpose is helping engineers to work smarter, and removing friction. We tackle sync between teams, build robust workflows, and provide an algorithm engineering platform used to improve quality.

Tell us what you do on a daily basis.

I support the team and give advice on our systems and on software engineering. My goal is to inspire people to take ownership, build good products and keep things simple. I’m also writing code to polish our existing tools.

How does the company help you grow and develop?

We can get a lot of responsibility at Samsung. After I showed how important good tooling can be, Samsung trusted me to start with Shahaf Duenyas a team focused on infrastructure for algorithm development. Last year I started leading the team. Every year brings different challenges and opportunities for growth.

How does the company culture help you to contribute to the development efforts?

People are kind, do their best: it’s a pleasure to work here. SIRC has a culture of collaboration between teams, which makes our work a lot easier.

Tell about the most interesting project in which you took part

I built an R&D platform to help engineers improve their algorithms. It was adopted by many projects, and last year Samsung let me open source the project.

Pictures captured on our image sensors bring joy to millions of people. It’s amazing to take part in the development of the most advanced image sensors, and later see them end up in flagship phones.

Also in Hebrew