Training & Consulting

Charles Sheeler, Criss-Crossed Conveyors, River Rouge Plant, Ford Motor Company

Contact me to organize workshops on algorithm engineering, or for consultations on how to improve your R&D workflows.

Common pain points I can address

  • Pragmatic advice to help make sense of MLOps/DevOpsInfra/Cloud solutions, decide what to buy/fork/build…
  • Build a roadmap to improve engineers' workflows, collaboration and infrastructure across departments.
  • Implement solutions to help your algorithm engineers and data scientists waste less time toiling with the “logistics” of preparing, organizing, comparing and sharing their experiments.
  • Evangilize the software engineering culture in organizations: reproduciblity, everything-as-code, data-driven…
  • Create a Vision for infra/platform teams

Contact me for more information.

Workshop sessions

  • Help data scientists and algorithm engineers be more productive
    • Refreshers on algorithm development best practices
    • Tooling and automation
    • How to communicate results
    • Cultivating a product-first vision
  • Spread the software engineering culture to algorithm engineers
    • Encourage everything-as-code, reproducibility, data-driven approaches
    • Transitioning from writing scripts to building systems
    • Help everybody understand code sharing and reuse
  • Focused in-depth sessions
    • Workflows and CI for algorithm engineering.
    • “Building web applications” for algorithm engineers: from python’s streamlit to API and JS. When to make the switch?
    • Software engineering for collaboration and reproducible science.
    • Tour of the Python scientific computing ecosystem.
    • Getting good-enough at visualization.
    • Gluing open-source projects together.
    • Quick wins for C++ projects

Get in touch to customize a course for you.