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At work

Since 2017, I’ve been working at Samsung as a senior algorithm engineer. I started working neuromorphic image sensors [overview] [resources], and I am now working on our processes: quality, software engineering, collaboration…

Previously, I collaborated with ECI Telecom’s CTO, and build cyber/SDN proofs-of-concept.

Back in France, I co-founded a company, Lookies. With my dear friend Louis, we tried to make energy monitoring many heterogenous large buildings easier. Not that long ago, I worked at Quantmetry, a consulting company that pionneered data science. Other experiences include the digital image specialist DxO Labs, Rothschild & Co, UBS, and the French Ministry of Finance.

I graduated from Centrale Paris (CentraleSupelec) (MS Machine Learning) and Paris Dauphine University. (BS Applied Mathematics). The French readers may be interested to know I studied at Louis le Grand.

Personnal life

I’ve been living since 2015 in Israel with my amazing wife ChlĂ© and our wonderful daughters!